Sharp Cloud Smarthome Security System


We here are love some of the gadgets and gizmos that come through our test labs with the usual suspects being phones, laptops and on occasion, even large screen TVs, but when Sharp wanted us to review its newest cloud home security system, we went all excited. As we have never tested a home security system before, the Sharp system is unique in the sense that it’s cloud-based and uses a mobile app. So, instead of just a normal print review (which we also did) the Sharp Cloud Smarthome Security System deserved a video showcase.

So for all those visual consumers, here’s an overview hands-on from team. Our reviewer Aisyah wanted anonymity, as she once lived a life of a celebrity and now fears paparazzi and wants to remain incognito.

Do take note, there are two items in the video – first is the Starter Kit, which requires you to start securing your home and that contains the Overcloud Processing Unit (OPU), two (2) units of HD IP Camera with motion detection and night vision, two (2) pieces of door or window sensors as shown in our video, one (1) 16GB USB storage for the recordings and one (1) remote control key for arming and disarming.


The other item is an alarm kit that is an add-on expansion to the system and it comes with a siren, two (2) door/window sensor, one (1) panic button that sends instant distress signals to whom you assign it to, one (1) motion sensor that detects movement and one (1) remote key.



One of the observation we had while setting up the system was the ease and speed of how we could place all the items strategically without drilling holes nor calling in an electrician. This will be extremely useful, especially for single women who live in apartments or houses where they could set the system all by themselves, just ask Aisyah, she got the hang of it within minute.




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