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Sharp Cloud Smarthome Security System

We here are love some of the gadgets and gizmos that come through our test labs with the usual suspects being phones, laptops and on occasion, even large screen TVs, but when Sharp wanted us to review its newest …

Sharp Smarthome Security System by Faizul Ridzuan

Faizul Ridzuan recommends Sharp Smarthome Security System – It is affordable, easy to install, can be controlled remotely and expandable for future uses.

云端上的保安系统——Sharp Cloud Smarthome system使用体验

今天要为大家带来的是Sharp Cloud Smarthome system的体验,Sharp Cloud Smarthome system 是个保安系统。它最大的特点在于整个系统都是透过网络连接手机软件操作的,无需像其他的保安系统这样需要连接家用电缆。 Cloud Smarthome分别有Starter kit、Alarm Kit以及HD IP Camera Kit三种配套,里面的配件各有不一,

Sharp Cloud Smarthome Security System Review: Sophisticated yet Simple!

As the usage of smartphones and tablets become more common these days, consumer electronics manufacturers have been hard at work on making their products connected to the internet all the time, we’ve seen how LCD TVs evolved into connected Smart …